Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Beach: Week 2

After our week in Destin, we headed on over to Seaside for another incredible week with John David's family. We had become quite the beach bums by the end of the week. My girls grew more and more used to the sand and LOVED swimming in the ocean. I was soaking it up because they are at such fun, independent ages and just played so well on their own and with their cousins...allowing this 33 week pregnant mama actually relax under the umbrella! And now for lots of pictures...

 Baby Van got to come at only 2 weeks old! He could not have been more perfect and Lacey wins biggest trooper of the trip!! They are naturals at the whole parenting thing!! 

 John William is SO FUNNY :) 

 Lowen enjoyed lots of beach naps on Pop :) 
 Patty Cake with the twins! 
 These 2 played so sweetly together all week...watching their friendship and love for each other absolutely melts this Mama's heart!! Lyla did such a good job caring for Lowen and helping her in the ocean. 

 These little fishies LOVED the water!

 Poor Pop
 I mean, those. booties. 

 All the "big kids" got to go out to eat one night while the grandparents kept the kiddos. Definite highlight of the trip!! The food was amazing, and we laughed all night. 
 Headed to the 4th of July Parade!!

 That night, we ate pizza at the Fakouri's and watched the fireworks from their balcony that overlooked the ocean. SO much fun!! 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Beach: Week 1

This year we were spoiled rotten and got to spend 2 weeks in a row at the beach. Our families both go every year, but this year, the trips were back to back which was awesome because my 8 month pregnant self was able to do the drive just once. I was nervous about being so far along in my pregnancy while at the beach, but it ended up being such an awesome break from reality and super relaxing, and of course I soaked up every minute that we got to be with our families!! 

So, week one was with my side of the family in Destin. SO many fun memories made...every evening, we put the kids to bed fairly early and stayed up late laughing till we cried over absolutely nothing. We played lots of games, did lots of swimming in our tiny backyard pool (Lyla took swim lessons the week before we went and was freshly fired up about being able to swim without her floaties or life jacket, so that was really fun), enjoyed a "grown up" night at the Baytowne Wharf, had a special night to honor Grandmama and Grandaddy and their amazing legacy, and became buddies with our African American neighbors which was such a highlight! We had backyard dance parties where they taught us (including Grandmama) how to "Wobble" and they even had us over one night for a fish fry. We truly enjoyed getting to know them...a super sweet family! And here's the week in pictures...

 (Lowen got soap in her eye at bathtime and insisted on wearing these bandaids ALL night long. Hilarious!)

 (we each had a night of the week that we cooked...and every meal was delicious!!)
 Lots of laughing occurred, as always! 

 Olivia announcing our weekly "buddies" ;) 

 Donut Hole morning with these cuties...and my parents and Whitney across the table. Another definite highlight!! Absolutely delicious and of course, great company and conversation.