Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Father's Day John David!

OK, I know I'm a little late...but we've been out of town! And there are TOO many cute pictures of Lyla and her Daddy, so I had to take advantage of the occasion and post some of my faves!

John David,
Lyla is truly SO BLESSED to have you as her Daddy! I know that she will feel so loved and secure because of your steadfast, unconditional love for her. Thank you for leading our family so well and for showing Lyla how much her Heavenly Father loves her through your love for her! I can't wait to continue the adventures of parenting with you! Happy (belated) Father's Day!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dallas Trip!

Lyla and I just got back from a wonderful trip to Dallas for Marshall's third birthday party! It was at Chuck E. Cheese, and Lyla was completely entranced by all the sounds and colors and noises! We ate pizza and cupcakes, and got to visit with lots of family we never get to see. Of course, I had to take advantage of being there and spend an extra few days with family. Other than the birthday party, additional highlights were:
  • getting to see my dad who just got back from the Ukraine and hearing fresh stories of all the amazing things God did through him! I'm so thankful for a Dad who models what it looks like to walk with Jesus and LIVE DAILY for His Glory!! Such a treat spending Father's Day with him!!
  • Lots of fun hang out time with the cousins! Yummy meals, swimming in the plastic pool, etc.
  • Getting to see several childhood friends at my friend Kristine's Sip and See
  • Soaking up wisdom from my mom and dad...especially over a Ruth's Chris steak! :)
  • My mom treated me to a pedicure while she watched Lyla...spoiled!!
  • Sipping on lemonade and eating goldfish crackers at my grandparents' house
  • Going on a date with my niece Olivia
  • Just simply BEING with family! It's like Heaven on earth to me! :) Of course, we missed John David and are thankful to be back in Fayetteville with him!
Here are a few pics from our days in Dallas...unfortunately, I was terrible about taking pictures. But, as you can see, Lyla enjoyed simply eating and bathing in a new place! We love being at Cookie and Papo's!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lyla at nine months

For my own memory, I want to make some notes as to what Lyla is doing at 9 months old. I truly feel like she gets more and more fun every day!! (I know, every mom says that) I picked her up from the church nursery on Sunday and asked, "Was she happy?" and they responded, "She is beyond happy every Sunday!" I just loved that description of her..."beyond happy"! Because I think it's so true and I'm always thankful when others get to experience her joy! So, Lyla at nine months:
  • four bottles a day: 8, 12, 4, and 8...roughly
  • 3 meals a day...typically yogurt and banana for breakfast; then some kind of veggie (steamed carrots, avocado, broccoli, green beans, etc.) and some more fruit for lunch and dinner. She's pretty much over baby food. Just wants the finger foods. And watching her eat is one of my favorite things!! I just love seeing those little pinchers grab that focused.
  • naps are around 10-12 and then 2-4, then sleeps around 12-13 hours at night
  • Things she LOVES: pulling on Daddy's beard, Maizy books and nursery rhymes, textures (feeling different things with her little fingers), calling the hogs (still working on this...getting REALLY close!), music, swimming, her house from Uncle John and Aunt Laura, her dolly from Matt and Kinsey, going on walks, Mum Mums, puffs, yogurt melts, standing up on furniture.
  • Starting to cruise around furniture and will let go and stand on her own for about 5 seconds.
  • says "Dada" and "Lyla" (doesn't know what she's saying...but says it all the time!)
  • Doesn't get discipline yet...thinks it's funny and starts clapping when Daddy or I say, "NO!" really sternly. Hope this isn't a sign of what's to come! :)
  • changing her diaper is like wrestling a wolverine
  • I've started singing "If you're happy and you know it" when I change her diaper and she actually claps now when I'm singing! It's the only thing that will make her lie still!
  • still just 2 bottom teeth
  • My favorite moment of every day is going in to get her after she's been sleeping, and seeing that giddy little girl, bouncing up and down on her crib railing with a huge smile, so excited to see her Mama :)
And, um, that's about all I can think of! Whew!! That was a lot! Love you, Lyla girl! Happy Nine Month birthday!!

Lyla's Monthly Pics

one month

two months

three months

four months

five months

six months

seven months

eight months

and nine months TODAY!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

new kicks

Well, I told you Lyla got some new shoes and that I would soon post pics, so here they are...I'm a little obsessed. And already sad that she will outgrow them super soon. And, of course, I saw my own red chucks lying on my closet floor and couldn't resist the photo mother, like daughter.

This pic was taken strolling down Dickson a couple nights ago...John David and I took Lyla to get some Orange Mango ice cream. YUMMY!!! Could eat there every night. And, once again, just couldn't get over those cute little feet peeking out from her car seat.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

dryers are so fun!

backyard pool days

God is good...all the time.

I am just blown away by God this morning. We have joined a 6 week class with our church that you take to become members, and last night we talked about sharing our stories and what God has done in our lives. I had the privilege of hearing two friends in our group tell their stories. What was interesting about these two stories is that they have both lost a parent and have been through major tragedy. But, what absolutely blows me away about our gracious, good God is that He used these tragedies to draw these friends into a relationship with Him. All I could think about was Romans 8:28..."And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." To hear the impact for Christ that was accomplished through these losses reminds me that God truly has a plan so much bigger than we can fathom. If we can look past the hardships that are staring us in the face on this earth, and trust a much bigger God, who sees the big picture, it would be truly life changing. I'm humbled by the faith I see in these friends. And as they have truly shared with Christ in His sufferings, they have a deeper love and appreciation for what Christ did for us. Jesus knows what it was like to be separated from His father when He died on the cross. And because of that, He can comfort us in our times of sadness and hardship. I'm thankful to know that kind of God. And this has encouraged me so much, that I couldn't help but share! He is worthy of praise...even in the midst of hardship.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lyla and the Single Ladies


So, Margot newly-wed Harris spent the entire weekend with me and Lyla while our husbands played in a golf tournament. We had SO MUCH FUN! Worked an entire puzzle, ate out at yummy restaurants, bought Lyla some new shoes at the mall (pics to come...I'm obsessed!), and just had great conversations. And let me tell you...Lyla had the most fun!! She ADORES Margot and got so excited every time she woke up and found her still here! :) Soooooo, Saturday morning we were just lounging know, watching Mickey Mouse Club and Handy Manny, the usual...and out of nowhere, Margot says, " Let's turn on the Beyonce Single Ladies video and see what Lyla does." My exact response was, "She won't do anything...she'll just stare at it." Boy, was I THANKFULLY wrong!! We could NOT stop laughing, as you will hear in the video. And we seriously watched it around 100 times throughout the rest of the weekend! Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lyla's Firsts

Well, now that I've started this blog, I honestly wish I had started a long time ago...when Lyla was born. It's such a great way to keep a log of her progress and how she's changing every day. It's been so fun and amazing to watch her grow and learn new things over the past 8 and a half months. So, I'm going back to the document in pictures several significant firsts in Lyla's life!

Lyla on her first day of life! Snuggled up in the blanket Great Grandmama knit her.

Our first trip to the week old. Hello world! Cannot get over how tiny she looks!

First plane trip on "Uncle" Patrick's plane...two weeks old! We went to see family in Dallas. And then little miss jet-setter flew on it again at 6 weeks old! She LOVED it! Fell right to sleep to the hum of the plane and slept the entire way! Such a fun memory!!

First Razorback football game! The first of many, that is! 7 weeks old. Lasted all four quarters plus tailgating. TROOPER! A hog fan at birth.

First time to sit in her Bumbo at 3 months old. I love her little smirk in this picture! She's getting so big!

Lyla's first Christmas with John David's family in Southeast Arkansas. As you might suspect, she was spoiled rotten. :)

First time to roll, from back to tummy...4 1/2 months. My little Rolly Polly!

Uncle John feeding Lyla her first real solid (other than rice cereal)...sweet potatoes, at 5 1/2 months. She LOVED them! Still one of her favorite foods today.

Sitting up on her own at 5 months and 3 weeks old. This is one of my favorite stages!! Could just sit on a blanket and play with her little toys!

Sprouted my first tooth at 6 1/2 months...the bottom two just shot up within a couple days.

Started crawling at 7 1/2 months, and has been a girl on the go ever since!!

Literally 2 days after she started crawling, we walked in to this! And now this is what we see every morning and after every nap! Pulling up to stand is seriously one of her favorite things to do! This is how we spend our days...just moving from one piece of furniture to the next.

John David and I LOVE to float the river, so we were thrilled that Lyla loved her first canoe trip at just 8 months old! We've got a little river girl on our hands! This will hopefully be the first of many trips to come!

And finally, Lyla's first time to meet Elmo. I just think her face is so classic. This is how she stares at anyone new. Just taking it all in and really trying to figure them out. Don't worry, she was giggling and cuddling shortly after the initial shock wore off.


It's been such a joy to watch you discover the world around you and figure things out for the first time. We are SO proud of you and look forward to watching you continue to learn and grow. I'm excited to see you take your first steps, give us kisses, learn your first words...and most importantly, learn how much Jesus loves you and gave His life for you! Our prayer is that you would trust in Him and glorify Him with your life! "And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ..." (Ephesians 3:17-18)

We love you so much!!!
Mom and Dad