Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lyla and the Single Ladies


So, Margot newly-wed Harris spent the entire weekend with me and Lyla while our husbands played in a golf tournament. We had SO MUCH FUN! Worked an entire puzzle, ate out at yummy restaurants, bought Lyla some new shoes at the mall (pics to come...I'm obsessed!), and just had great conversations. And let me tell you...Lyla had the most fun!! She ADORES Margot and got so excited every time she woke up and found her still here! :) Soooooo, Saturday morning we were just lounging know, watching Mickey Mouse Club and Handy Manny, the usual...and out of nowhere, Margot says, " Let's turn on the Beyonce Single Ladies video and see what Lyla does." My exact response was, "She won't do anything...she'll just stare at it." Boy, was I THANKFULLY wrong!! We could NOT stop laughing, as you will hear in the video. And we seriously watched it around 100 times throughout the rest of the weekend! Enjoy! :)