Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Father's Day John David!

OK, I know I'm a little late...but we've been out of town! And there are TOO many cute pictures of Lyla and her Daddy, so I had to take advantage of the occasion and post some of my faves!

John David,
Lyla is truly SO BLESSED to have you as her Daddy! I know that she will feel so loved and secure because of your steadfast, unconditional love for her. Thank you for leading our family so well and for showing Lyla how much her Heavenly Father loves her through your love for her! I can't wait to continue the adventures of parenting with you! Happy (belated) Father's Day!!


  1. All the precious time
    Like the wind, the years go by.
    Precious butterfly.
    Spread your wings and fly.

  2. LOVE this post and miss you guys already!! THANK YOU for making the trip! Miss John David too! xoxo

  3. Such great pictures of Lyla and her daddy!