Monday, June 7, 2010

A little about Lyla

John David and I became parents on September 17, 2009. Who knew we could love such a little person SO MUCH!?!? Lyla Kathryn Blagg. She brings us tremendous joy every single day!! She's truly been the easiest baby...super laid back, happy, content, just goes with the flow. Which is good because she has some fast-paced parents who love to be with friends and create memories!! Here are a few pics of our little girl...

This picture alone says alot about Lyla. She is such a little Daddy's girl! Here she is admiring her Dad's musical talent. Lyla also LOVES music...which makes sense because both of her parents do, too! Anytime she hears music, she stops in her tracks to listen. She also LOVES pulling up to stand on everything in sight! (as seen below)

This was Memorial Day...Lyla's first time to swim. She loved it!! Could stay in the pool all day! And don't you just LOVE those precious arm rolls???


  1. Mindy, I love it!!! The blog is super cute and the pictures are adorable : ) I'm excited to add you to my google reader ; )

  2. she is soooooooo cute i can't stand it! and i didn't know you had a blog until today! i happened to come across it! but i'm so excited i can read about that sweet girl and look at those sweet arm rolls all the time now!