Wednesday, June 16, 2010

new kicks

Well, I told you Lyla got some new shoes and that I would soon post pics, so here they are...I'm a little obsessed. And already sad that she will outgrow them super soon. And, of course, I saw my own red chucks lying on my closet floor and couldn't resist the photo mother, like daughter.

This pic was taken strolling down Dickson a couple nights ago...John David and I took Lyla to get some Orange Mango ice cream. YUMMY!!! Could eat there every night. And, once again, just couldn't get over those cute little feet peeking out from her car seat.


  1. Found your blog through Ashley Gibbs...your daughter is precious! I actually feel like I know you because I have kept up with your cutie through Jana and Ali on facebook. I went to highschool and church with John David and Ali. And..I think you know my sister-in-law, Ashley Kelly. I'm glad I found your blog!

  2. Thos are too cute! Glad you took advantage of the photo op!