Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fourth of July in Seaside

We just got back from Seaside, Florida with John David's family and we had a wonderful time! It's truly one of my favorite places on earth! We got married there 4 years ago, so it makes it even more special to go back year after year. And, this year was extra special because it was Lyla's first time to the beach! (other than last year, in my belly)

It poured rain the first two days, but that didn't stop this crew from having a great time! We hung out on our balcony, played bananagrams, read (I started the BEST book...A Voice in the Wind, by Francine Rivers...go read it NOW!), shopped, and even went to the movies (Grown funny)

Since we couldn't go to the beach, we just played in the rain on our balcony!

By the third day, we finally made it out the the beach and Lyla LOVED the ocean! Could stay out there all day long, happy as can be! She wasn't too sure about the sand the first few days...she would just prefer to stay on her towel and play with her toys, which made things easier on us! But, by the last two days, she got over it, and was crawling all over, getting covered in sand. :) Here are a few beach shots...

This is what she cruised around the town in the entire week. She felt pretty cool, waving at everyone as we passed:

Fourth of July Parade:
(We love America!)

We took a picture just like this, in this exact spot, last year. Except last year, John David had his hands on my pregnant belly, and this year....

John David and I had a date night at The Red Bar, and decided it was one of our favorite dates we've ever had! There was an incredible bluegrass band playing at the restaurant and the food was oh so delicious!! I love this man:

YAY SEASIDE!!!! Until next year...


  1. Such cute pics Mindy! So glad that it was a good trip!

  2. Those chunky legs crack me up! Lyla is such a cutie!

  3. Love those legs!! She's such a doll and so is her mommy! I've been missing your posts, SO glad for the udpate! Love you guys!

  4. OHH MY GOODNESS...i'm so happy right now! Those are the most PRECIOUS PICTURES EVER...i mean it...EVER! Olivia is on my lap and we just scrolled through, and back through maybe 5 times loving every face! I WANT TO KEEP LYLA everyday, all the time. I ADORE HER. Could you be any cuter in your big hat? And we want to munch on lylas LEGS!!! haha! LOVE YOU GUYS! So happy you're back safe and sound and that you had the best time!!

  5. Cutest pictures ever m indy!!!! Seriously. Except for the horrible one of me and I'm not being selfish bc I just showed to Cody and he made no effort to dissagree with me. Lol. I'll have to redeem myself on your blog sometime. Lol. Dang I gotta watch out in seaside with both you and Michelle having blogs. Gone are the days of no make up and haitdryers. Cyberspace is involved now.

  6. So many to choose from, but I think my faves are the two in which she is walking. Such great posture! . . . such huge thighs. So adorbs!

  7. I think the same band was probably playing when we went to the red bar! So great! Seaside is a really neat place, I loved it :)