Saturday, July 24, 2010

Life Lately

Hey everyone! Lyla here. Just wanted to let you know what I've been up to...

watching TV with Daddy:
looking at my books:
Giggling with my Daddy (always):
Trying to air out my really bad diaper rash. :(
making silly faces in the mirror:
CONSTANT dancing:
playing with my new neighbor, Presley:
listening to my Daddy jam with his friends
sucking on frozen peaches because my teeth are coming in:
cruising...took about 3 steps ON MY OWN TODAY!! (at Patrick and Margot's):
picking my nose (this is my new favorite trick):
playing some tunes on the piano:
As you can see, I've been really busy and growing like crazy!!


  1. haha, I love that one of her picking her nose. That's one that will be in her senior yearbook for sure!

  2. Mindy, Your family is so cute!!! We've come a long way since RHS cheerleading huh?? :) The last pic is my favorite! She's so cute trying to reach the piano!

  3. OHH.MY.GOSH. MY HEART IS EXPLODING! Favorite blog post and cutest family ever!!! WE LOVE YOU!!

  4. She clearly has a passion for music. Maybe she and Sawyer can form a band. They'll call it PassyDrift.