Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Two peas in a pod

Last weekend, John David went on a fishing trip with a group of guys. Since Katie and I were both husbandless, Lyla and I just spent the whole weekend with her and Sawyer! We had SO much fun!! Sawyer has been Lyla's boyfriend since birth. :) These two have spent some QUALITY time together! They are such a cute little duo.

So first, let's flashback into the friendship of Lyla and Sawyer...

Here they are at their first slumber party, where they first held hands...haha!
This is how we used to have dinner parties at the Henry's...just stick the babies in front of Praise Baby while we eat:
"Hi Sawyer!!"
Farmer's Market:
One of many picnics at Wilson Park:
Easter Sunday:
Playdate at the Blagg's:

And, here we are last weekend...all grown up. :)

Just doing a little Saturday morning reading:
"Look at this, Sawyer!"
Sawyer going in for the kiss...Lyla playing hard to get:
Pause playtime for a little hydration:
And, pose on the chair before we head to the Flea Market:
Sawyer, thanks for being such a great little buddy to Lyla! Katie, thanks for being such a great friend to me!! We LOVE y'all!!!!!!!!


  1. SO cute! Y'all have some great material if they end up getting married someday :)

  2. Little sweethearts! Love ya'll so much, seriously couldn't live without you two!

  3. What you really need is a shot of Sawyer behind her with his arms around her waist. And a caption: "One Moment in Time," "Chasing Destiny," "Moonlight and Magnolias."