Tuesday, August 17, 2010

11 months!

I absolutely cannot believe Lyla will be ONE a month from today! Such a big girl! She is definitely developing more and more of a little personality and opinion about things the older she gets, and it's so fun to continue to get to know her better and watch her figure out the world around her. I think we are going to have a talker on our hands! Her latest word is "hi". I went to get an oil change this morning, and she was saying it over and over to everyone in the waiting room..."hi!", "hi!" Her precious little voice saying that word...melt. my. heart. She also says Mama, Dada, Uh-Oh, Bye Bye, Duck, and Dog. (more like "Duh" and "Doh") So, here are a few pictures of Lyla at 11 months:

of course, our traditional chair pic:

I used to never be able to get Lyla to sit still through a whole book. Now, all of a sudden, she is SO into books!! YAY! My favorite thing in the world is to sit and read with her. And she will sit on the floor and happily look through all her books for like 30 minutes straight! Here she is reading with two of her favorite people, Cookie and Daddy:

I just love this little sleepy face and that blonde fuzz:
Such a happy girl eating her carrots. Loves carrots. She also LOVES fruit...any kind. And oatmeal, chicken, peas, squash...Surprisingly not a fan of mac and cheese, or just regular cut up cheese, or tomatoes...spits them right out. And she's really fickle about turkey...must be the expensive kind from the Deli. She got mad when I tried to buy the packaged kind. :)
The girl LOVES BARNEY!!!! Seriously, the moment she hears that purple dinosaur, she stops in her tracks and SPRINTS (crawls really fast) to the mantle so she can get as close to the TV as possible. Barney makes her so happy:

Striking a pose to show off her pigtails. This is something new we tried this month. It's a stretch, for sure. But, so cute:
Still obsessed with music. Here she's saying, "Please, Mom! Play this Nickel Creek CD?"
She's such a busy girl with all her toys. A very independent player:
Happy 11 month birthday, Lyla! We are going to soak up this last month of you being a "baby" before you are a big ole one year old! We love you!!!


  1. What a precious little girl!! Soak this month up :)

  2. I don't think I realized how closely I'm following in your footsteps...exactly one year behind you! Our due date is one month from today! :) I love reading about Lyla's personality, and I just can't wait to see what our baby girl's will be!

  3. She's just such a doll. I love each and every one of your posts!

  4. That poor girl is going to get a crick in her neck. I love Lala! (That's now my official nickname for her. I imagine that her younger brothers and sisters will call her that.)