Saturday, August 7, 2010

Drive Thru Zoo

Today, we went to the Drive Thru Zoo in Gentry, Arkansas with our good friends, Sarah Boyce and Stuart. You literally just drive through all this beautiful land with tons of animals roaming around. And, as you can see, they are NOT shy! They just come right up to the window to say hello! Especially the Emus...those suckers are aggressive! Lyla was a little disturbed by the camel that came right up to her window. But, for the most part, she was very interested in looking out the window at all the animals. After the drive thru part, we got to get out of the car and walk around. Presley and Estelle rode a camel, and played with baby tigers and a baby ring-tailed lemur. It was a wonderful Saturday...filled with LOTS of laughter with Sarah Boyce and Stuart, lots of picture taking, and just enjoying God's creativity in His Creation! The day ended with some SLEEPY babies...Lyla literally fell asleep mid-chew of her cracker. A fun day indeed!


  1. How fun!! This last picture is quite hilarious...very telling of a busy, exciting day in the life of Lyla!

  2. Look at those arms! She's so buff!

  3. LOVED EVERY PICTURE!!! We miss you guys so much!!!
    Can we go next time?? :) See you soon!

  4. What a neat place and a fun time!