Monday, August 9, 2010

Playing a tune and taking some steps

Lyla took her first steps a week after she turned 10 months. She's still not by any means walking everywhere, but she's gaining more and more confidence in it and trying it out more every day. Mainly just between furniture...when her destination is in sight! She'd still much rather drop down and crawl for long distances because that's a for sure way to get there fast! But, it's been so fun to watch her figure it out and take her cautious little steps! I followed her around with the video camera today to try and capture it...of course, once I had the video rolling, she didn't do so great at it!! But, you can see a few of her little steps. I kept rolling in hopes that she'd walk some more. But, that didn't happen. So, bear with the length of it! :) When I uploaded the walking videos, I discovered I had another video on there of Lyla playing John David's guitar. It was taken about a month ago, but I think it's pretty cute. So, I'll put it on here too...

(PS. This advice is mainly for my mom and Jana...don't forget to press pause on our music playlist before you watch the videos.) :)



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  1. Ohh my GOODNESS!!!! What a great job sweet lyla girl! We're so proud of you! It HURTS how much we miss you and can't WAIT TO PLAY WITH YOU! Won't be long we come beach! WE LOVE YOU YOU PRECIOUS THING!