Sunday, August 22, 2010

Surprise Weekend Getaway!!

Thursday evening, John David came home from work and this is the conversation that took place:

JD: You may want to go ahead and pack your bags because we're leaving at 9 am for a surprise overnight trip.
Me: (completely shocked and wondering if he's serious) Is Lyla coming?
JD: Nope, I've got it taken care of.
Me: (still shocked and still wondering if he's serious) OK! (a little giddiness starts to kick in)

So, Friday morning, SWEET, servant, precious-friend Aubrey (aka Aunt Barbie) shows up at our house and John David and I take off! And here was the chain of events...

He first took me to GLO and bought me an entire new set of make-up!! (something I would NEVER do on my own!)

Then we went to Panera and had a yummy breakfast! I kept telling him I was already having the BEST time and I didn't even know where we were going yet!! Just to sit at breakfast without grabbing a high chair or cutting up food or constantly sitting Lyla back down in her highchair (you get the point)...was such a treat!

After breakfast, we took off for our destination. Lucky for John David, I have no sense of direction, so I really didn't know where we were going! And every time we passed a sign with "Branson" on it, he made me close my eyes. So, whenever we reached this sign, he said, "OK, you can look!" And we both decided that this was a highlight of the whole trip because I was SO GIDDY when I saw this sign! We've always wanted to come stay here and for some reason, it never crossed my mind that this was where we were going! We both were SO excited!!! Such a treat!!
After we checked in, we headed over to the "Truman house" to eat a yummy lunch overlooking the lake

We then headed to our cabin to check it out. I was blown away at how nice it was! John David truly outdid himself!!

We put on our suits, grabbed a snack from the goodies they left us, then headed to the lazy river to float and relax.

After lots of floating, we were ready for a sun break, so we headed back to the cabin to play games (my favorite!)
JD sad because I kept beating him:
Me happy because I love to win:
For dinner, John David had made reservations at "The Worman House":
Our live entertainment for the night (he was actually good!):
Our amazing appetizers!! Some kind of fancy grilled avocado thing. SO delish!
Our dinner view, overlooking the lake at sunset:

Forgot to take a picture of the main course, but we obviously liked it:
After confessing our complete gluttony, we went back to the cabin to watch a movie:
Saturday morning, the gluttony continued! We ordered room service for breakfast and ate out on our balcony:
Then enjoyed some reading and coffee:

We checked out, then headed home...stopping to buy some delicious roadside peaches and nectarines:
It truly was the GREATEST time!! Exactly what my heart needed...a refreshing break from mommyhood (although I was missing Lyla really badly and ready to get back to her!), but such sweet time with the love of my life! We laughed so much together and created such fun memories! I'm SO grateful for his thoughtful creative self to plan this for us! Hopefully it will become a yearly tradition. :)


  1. That looks incredible! Can't wait to see Lyla's new baby brother or sister in May!

  2. OHH MY GOSH, that is the most fun thing EVER! Way to go BIL!!! Such a happy memory. (love your post amy, and i hope you're right!! :) LOVE YOU two and can't wait to play this week at the beach! yippeeee!

  3. wow thats amazing!! micah would love that place i think. we were trying to find somewhere with a cabin like that for a weekend this fall. we'll have to check it out! what a sweet, thoughtful husband you have! :)

  4. I'm so impressed! That is SO nice!