Friday, September 10, 2010

Chicken Finger Friday

The moment John David and I knew we were moving back to Fayetteville, I started praying and dreaming about being involved in the pi phi house somehow. Being a Pi Phi was such a significant part of my college years, and I have the BEST memories there!! Well, when Richard and Kristen Cole joined our community group and I found out that Kristen led a Bible study for her pi phi little sister and all her friends, I knew that was my "in". So, I jumped at the chance to get involved. And, man, are these girls AWESOME!! I love them to death. Now, although I genuinely have a heart for these college girls and a deep desire for them to walk with Jesus and be a bright light for Him in that house, my deep-down selfish reason for getting involved in this Bible study was to one day be invited to Chicken Finger Friday! (ha!) was the day.

And it was even better than I could have imagined. I mean, those chicken fingers are t.d.f. and that mac and!! And what was even better than the food was seeing all those girls absolutely LOVE on Lyla!! She was a hit. :) Just walked all around like she owned the place. And I didn't have to worry about her for one second because I knew there were plenty of girls keeping an eye on her! At the risk of sounding like psycho-mom, it really made me excited for her to live in that house someday. hee hee. :)

So, although I already felt really old and stuck out like a sore thumb with a baby on my hip...I didn't want to stick out even more by taking lots of pictures with a HUGE camera, so here are a few shots from my iphone...

Here she is in the pledge room, singing and clapping to all the pi phi songs I'm brainwashing her with. I mean, look at how happy she is! She loves it already. And those red little cheeks from running around the patio:
OK, for all the OLD pi phis like me, THIS is the downstairs study room (aka "the coffin"). It obviously got a facelift since we've been there! I mean, who wouldn't want to study down there?? Or climb on the coffee table?
And then, to top it all off, a couple of my girls took me to meet the new house mom and she is precious! She loves to knit and just GAVE Lyla this adorable hat!! So, if anyone needs a cute winter hat for your little one, go to Mom Nita! She had so many to choose from!

So, to the wine and silver blue....thanks for the yummy chicken fingers today!! I'm pretty sure Lyla and I will be back next Friday!!!

*Here's Lyla with some of my wonderful Bible study girls...they are awesome*


  1. YUM! So jealous!! and wow, the coffin looks amazing!!!

  2. I am so jealous! If only Kenneth had been there... Lyla is a doll and that hat is too cute!

  3. So many things.... I didn't know you had a blog, so I'm glad you commented on mine! Mac-and-cheese?!?!?!? Why in the world didn't Kenneth think of that???? That would've taken my sophomore 15 to 50! :) Lyla is just the cutest thing in the world... I want to steal her! And the coffin?!?!? AMAZING! That is much more inviting than the fabric covered walls we had to live with! I can't wait for Harper and Lyla to be roomies some day in that house!!!!

  4. ok...try to top that blog entry anyone?!! ohh be still my heart on SO MANY levels! Pi phi chicken finger friday, pi phi house, you,your cute bible study girls, LYLA!!!!!!!!!, katies shower and all those cute girls. just had a ball! thanks fee fee... :)