Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Well, my last year in the 20's began today! I wonder if the giddy feeling of waking up on your birthday ever goes away. I almost couldn't sleep last night because I was so excited that today is MY BIRTHDAY!! :) Haha. Clay (who John David works with) showed up with Donuts this morning, which made the morning feel extra special. Lyla and I met my sweet friend Margot for lunch, and she bought me a really cute dress from Forever 21 (which I wore tonight). Then, John David came home from work and surprised me with a video camera!! I'm so excited to capture Lyla's life with it! :) Then, to top off an already wonderful day, my parents drove in from Dallas and took me and John David out to my restaurant of choice! We went to Theo's and it was truly one of my favorite dinner's out...ever! We enjoyed great conversation and delicious food!! Then, back to our house to open presents!! Could not have been a better birthday...I felt super loved all day long by all the texts, phonecalls, and facebook messages as well!

Testing out my new video camera! (sidenote: please notice all the birthday cards lined up in the background...these came in the mail today. ALL FOR LYLA. haha. I'm already being out-shadowed. And I couldn't be happier about it. Her turning one is way more exciting than me turning 29. :) )
Mom and Dad treated us to a babysitter tonight. We had Lyla's usual, Lydia, and she showed up with these beautiful flowers! How thoughtful is she??? And they match Lyla's birthday theme perfectly!
The four of us at Theo's:
My delicious meal...ribeye, parmesan roasted potatoes, and asparagus. Seriously Scrumptious:
Me and my sweetie:
And, of course, topped it all off with a yummy dessert (or two):

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