Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lyla's First Birthday!

We had the BEST weekend celebrating Lyla girl's FIRST BIRTHDAY!! (I still can't really believe it.) It was so full that I'm going to have to break it up into two different posts. :) Her actual birthday was on Friday, the 17th. Papo, Cookie, John David, and I woke her up that morning by singing "Happy Birthday" to her. And then, we just spent the day with family...

A birthday giggle in her monthly chair pic:
And then, of course, we had to change the Birthday Girl into a pretty ballerina costume so she'd feel a little more festive:
And she even ate her meals off of a Birthday placemat:
Then, the rest of the Dallas crew arrived!! (The Eoffs and Marshalls) WOO HOO!!! Lyla and all her cousins ran around in the backyard to get rid of some energy after a long car trip.
The Birthday Princess did some frolicking herself:

And Bauer just stayed inside happily testing out his new crawling skill:
While John David grilled up some DELICIOUS sausage and barbecue chicken:
We had some GREAT helpers baking cookies for the big birthday party!
Some great snuggles, story times, and playing:

Of course, the birthday girl opened a few gifts from family (she wasn't quite sure what to do...)
And then we ended the day with a memorable, but not-so-restful sleep that looked about like this...with Lyla sleeping in our closet! haha! But, we could NOT have been happier that ALL of our family made the huge trek to Fayetteville for Lyla's first birthday party!!
Pics of the party coming soon... :)


  1. Those are so fun! We had the BEST TIME MINDY! Such a great weekend of celebrating! We all aready miss you so much! Are you going to miss your other two bunkin buddies tonight? Hmmm...NO! :) Sleep GREAT! xoxo