Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Park Playdate

Well, this post is way overdue! About 3 weeks ago, Lyla and I enjoyed a picnic and playtime at the park with her dear friends, Tallis and Sawyer! We had so much fun! I'm very thankful for friends in the same stage of life as us! Makes these days so much more fun!!

(Tallis stole some bananas when Lyla wasn't looking...tee hee)

Abra helping Lyla down the slide:
Just practicing her new walking skill:
It's way more fun to go UP the slide:

Um, you seriously can't tell...but little Abra is having a new baby girl any day now!! Can you believe 15 month old Tallis is going to be a BIG brother?? :)
I love you girls! (And Lyla loves your little guys!)

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