Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pre-Birthday Surprise!

UPS delivered an extra special surprise in the mail today!! Lyla got her own little chair as a birthday gift from Jan Jan and Pop (or whatever Russell is going to be called)! I've been REALLY excited about this! And I may have gotten a little camera happy over it because I just couldn't get over how cute she is in it...just drinking her bottle, reading books, lounging around. I already set up a "reading corner" for her in our living room with a basket full of books next to the chair. I assume we'll just spend our days sitting side by side reading for hours now. :) Thanks, Jan Jan!!! We LOVE it already!!!!!

(this is her "oh my goodness, I can't believe I have my own chair" face):

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  1. thats so great she loves books! ruby has always loved books and its so fun. dont you love watching them turn the pages? haha its the cutest thing to me, when ruby makes sure to just turn one page. i'm ready for one of my own!!!! :)