Sunday, September 5, 2010


We had such a great time at the first Razorback game of the season yesterday!! Lyla was a huge fan of tailgating!! She just strolled around in her car in the adorable outfit that Sarah Boyce made as she called those hogs. Literally, arms in the air the whole time as she said, "whoooooooooo!!!" in a high-pitched little voice. We all ate lots of yummy food and enjoyed the amazing weather! Jana took Lyla home after about 3 hours of tailgating, and hung out with her while John David and I got to go to the game...such a treat!! I LOVE the spirit and excitement of Razorback gameday!! GO HOGS GO! :)

A sweaty Mama, and a very sleepy girl at the end of a full, fun day of tailgating :)


  1. So sad to see such a precious little creature being led astray at such a young age. Geaux Tigers!

    Cutest Mama I know, besides my own. (a tie!) And i don't have acurate words to describe what my heart does looking at these pictures of Lyla in that outfit calling the hogs with her pigtails, in her car...just every single bit about her makes my heart want to burst. What a FUN DAY!!! All the table yummies are increadible too, complete with flowers even. Wow! Loved these!!

  3. Mindy, we drove through Fayetville on our way to Branson last weekend! Didn't know you were there at the game, would have loved to get the girls together! Lyla has grown so much, what a cutie!!! Love that town BTW, looked like a fun place to go to college. Hope all is well!