Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lyla's Little Friends

Last weekend, my dear friend Katherine (Coleman) Dunbar came in town with her little girl Susannah. Katherine discipled me and led my Bible study for all 4 years in college. Needless to say, she has had a HUGE impact on my life, and I will forever be grateful for the years she spent pouring into me and my little ole college self!! And now we are both mommies! Her sweet little Susannah is 18 months old, and she and Lyla were the best playmates!

How sweet is she? And so smart! She's seriously talking in full sentences!

And, then, there are our rowdy little neighbors who live behind us....the Cramer boys. Last Thursday night, Kristen and I had our Bible study with the pi phi girls, so John David and Richard were hanging out at our house. Well, while JD and Richie were innocently watching a little TV, they saw these scary faces appear in the window!!! Um, can you imagine how scared I would be if I were home alone and saw this??? So thankful I was at Bible study this night. haha. Silly little boys.

On Sunday, we went to Stella's first birthday party! It was SO CUTE!!! Haley based the party on those "Little Miss" books, and everything was unbelievably creative!

She made this "Little Miss Stella" board showing all the aspects of her precious personality. Amazing!
All of her monthly pictures:
All the babies had a great time playing outside:
Lyla and Noah climbing around on the deck

Lyla LOVING the swing, once again. Giggling so hard!!

This ball was very entertaining as well:

Lyla sharing with the birthday girl:
(or maybe taking it from her...not sure)
And, of course, Sawyer was there too! :)

And I'll end this post with these...this has nothing to do with Lyla's friends, but I just love this sleepy little just-woke-up-from-her-nap face:

Staring at the TV...can you say TWINS? :)
Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Visiting Daddy's Work

For the past several months, John David and Clay have been working super hard building a hunting ranch about 45 minutes outside Fayetteville. Of course, Patrick and Richard are part of the team as well...just more on the business side of things. They are hoping to sell it (anyone interested??), but we plan on enjoying it as much as we can before they do! :) So, last night, the wives picked up some Penguin Ed's BBQ and took it out there to hang out and see all the progress. It looks amazing!! John David is truly in his element...getting to be out in the woods all day, every day for work! Here are some pics from our fun time out there, and a glimpse of what they've been working on...

A view of the front so far

The main area so far...it's completely open with a huge fireplace in the middle. LOVE the floorplan!

And this is what surrounds the entire place!! I'm so excited that the leaves are starting to change color!!

This is taken from the upstairs back deck...a shot of the workshop in the back.

Lyla thought this was really funny...Kristen would lean her in for some sugar from Uncle Richard and she would just giggle away. Nothing better than some Lyla kisses!

This is D.L.'s new thing...he does this pose and this face while saying, "You the Man!" haha! SO CUTE!!

The gang enjoying some BBQ in the kitchen

I love that the upstairs is open to the downstairs...hello everyone!

Lyla had so much fun running all around

And, of course, this is always a fun game...climbing up the stairs.
(don't you LOVE that Cedar post??)

And then we had a dance party outside!!

This one's dark...but so cute of Lyla and Daddy dancing

And then, D.L. literally just walked over to Lyla, grabbed her hands and started dancing with her! Be still my heart.

Roe and Lyla...just cruising around the land.

Little Lyla changed into her pj's before the drive home, and Daddy decided to throw her around a bit before we got in the car. I know, it looks scary...but Lyla laughs so hard when Daddy throws her so high!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

camera happy

I have taken so many pictures over these last couple days...it's like I can't put my camera down! Lyla is just so cute, I can't stand it (I know, I'm biased). But, here are a few shots from the last few days...

After our hike on Saturday, we went to our friend Hannah's birthday party. Of course, we wore our Hog gear and cheered on the Razorbacks while we were over there. Lyla was multi-tasking...playing some tunes WHILE she cheered. She really does talk jibberish and clap at the tv every time football is on. Takes after her Daddy.

Blurry, but such a sweet little face:

The precious birthday girl and her Mommy...my friend, Stacey. She threw SUCH a great fiesta!! So many amazing details, and a truly great time had by all!!!
Lyla wishing Hannah a happy 2nd (or maybe she's just eyeing the cake. toss-up.)
Bubbles are so entertaining!!

Lyla LOVED going down the slide...we did this over and over, and she smiled this big every time:

On Sunday, we went to church and then just had a restful day at home. Lyla was still in her church clothes and literally just ran around the backyard for about 30 minutes. We are loving this gorgeous weather!!! We are outside as much as possible. Here are a few shots of our happy frolicker:

*Sidenote: our friend, Benji (who we had the party for), has been staying with us for the past week, and it has truly been such a blessing!! We've been referring to him as our foster child. We really do feel like he's part of the family now. He's been awesome to have around...mainly because he loves Jesus and has such a sweet spirit, but also because he does dishes, cleans up around the house, and watches Lyla for us!! :) He's become quite the "Manny" around here! Today, he watched Lyla so John David and I could go ride our mountain bikes around Lake Fayetteville. It was so great! (although my legs are already sore) And this is what we came home to...Lyla snuggled up with Benji, watching some Dora. He's awesome.

Benji's not the only one keeping an eye on Lyla around here. Tonight, the Colliers came over for dinner and Presley and Estelle were quite the little helpers, too. Presley is in Kindergarten and is learning to read, so he read to Lyla...so sweet!! Look at that expression, too!