Monday, October 4, 2010

Desiring God

Well, I mentioned before that we had a fun-filled weekend coming up, and boy was it!! Patrick Harris is one of John David's best friends, who also happens to be who he works for. We are SO BLESSED by Patrick and Margot, and their dear friendship to us!! They seek God with all their hearts and obey Him with joy. God gave Patrick the vision to take all the couples that work for Penny Lane Capital to John Piper's "Desiring God" Conference in Minneapolis, and so that's where we had the privilege of going this past weekend!! It just so happens that all these couples are some of our VERY BEST FRIENDS! And we all have SO much fun together!!!! Here they are...

Patrick and Margot
Me and John David :)
Richard and Kristen
Clay and Lee
Neil and Tiffany
See?? Can't you tell how fun they all are?? :) Aside from missing Lyla like crazy, it felt like a tiny glimpse of Heaven...great fellowship, absolutely delicious food, a super fun baseball game, sweet time with my hubby, but obviously above all...falling more in love with Jesus. I had a small fear before we got there that listening to wise, brilliant, and deep speakers for 3 days straight would be too "heady" and overwhelming. However, what this weekend did was bring me back to BASIC TRUTHS of the GOSPEL! The good news that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins!!! I left with two thoughts running through my head: "I resolve to know nothing except Jesus Christ and Him crucified" (can you imagine how different our lives would be if we truly FIXED our thoughts on this truth??) and to "Love God and love others." (that to love Him is to TREASURE HIM...that this commandment comes first, and loving others is a result of loving Him.) Again, as a Christian, these are the basic truths of our faith...but, oh how refreshing for God to ignite my heart once again with them!! (sorry...couldn't help but share some of the things God taught me...k, back to the pictures.)

Here we are hanging out in Patrick and Margot's "home" (the RV)

All the girls, checking into our hotel:
Friday, we got to hear messages from Randy Alcorn and Rick Warren...both wonderful. That night, we ate dinner at The Melting Pot. And, this is just classic Clay...drinking his raspberry lemonade. haha! I don't know why this picture cracks me up so much.
Richard and Patrick enjoying our cheese fondue appetizer:
The main course!!!!!
(you put the raw meat on your skewer and cook it yourself in "the melting pot"...get it?) So fun and yummy.
The whole group enjoying the feast:
And Dessert!! That you dip into chocolate!!

Saturday, we got to hear some more amazing speakers including R.C. Sproul, Thabiti Anyabwile, Al Mohler, and then everyone's favorite, Francis Chan (AMAZING!!!). In between speakers, we walked around the city and the boys got out some energy with a little Parkour (freestyle walking, for those of you that aren't familiar):

The innocent bystanders:
John David:
This little thing rode by us as we ate lunch...a PedalPub! How fun does that look??
Dinner Saturday night:

And then we returned to our hotel room to this...thanks, Patrick and Margot, for scaring me to death.
Sunday morning, we listened to John Piper, then headed to the Minnesota Twins game! Pretty great day, if you ask me!!!
Kirby Puckett:
(we were a little excited about the ballgame food...and we experienced "cheese curds" for the first time. Delicious!! As I type this post, I'm realizing that my obsession with food may be a little more ways than one. But, as my Dad always taught me, calories don't count when you're on vacation.)
And, there you go, a very long weekend recap!! We truly feel beyond blessed and thankful for the entire experience!! (Now hurry...go listen to any Francis Chan video on YouTube and see for yourself a glimpse of our life-changing weekend.)


  1. THAT sounds AWESOME! and so refreshing! Minneapolis is such a fun city too, hope you guys went to Uptown:)!