Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hawksbill Crag

Lyla went on her first hiking trip today, and it was a perfect day for it! John David and I both have always wanted to do Hawksbill's pretty much the face of the Ozark Mountains. The most photographed rock in the state. And it's only an hour from our house. So, we took advantage of this gorgeous day, and headed out there with the Mortons. I was a little nervous about how Lyla would do in the backpack because when we tried it on in the store, she cried super hard. But, thankfully, she did great!! She absolutely loves being outside, so I think she ended up liking her cozy little seat on Daddy's back. Sorry for the enormous amount of pictures (I think I took about 100)...the combination of how cute Lyla looked in her backpack and the beauty of the hike made for LOTS of picture snapping!!

A cool tree swing for DL:

see? recognize this rock?
water break:

I love that she is looking up at the tops of the trees...she was quite the observer, taking it all in:
Happy Hikers:
And, done with the hike...time to run around!!
And pick up rocks:
And visit with Roe:
"Dad, next time I'd prefer to just use this hiking stick if that's ok with you."


  1. LOVE the one of Clay and DL, and the one of Lyla and John David on the rock! They are both great shots!

  2. Lyla girl you have got style...even when hiking! Love it!