Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Visiting Daddy's Work

For the past several months, John David and Clay have been working super hard building a hunting ranch about 45 minutes outside Fayetteville. Of course, Patrick and Richard are part of the team as well...just more on the business side of things. They are hoping to sell it (anyone interested??), but we plan on enjoying it as much as we can before they do! :) So, last night, the wives picked up some Penguin Ed's BBQ and took it out there to hang out and see all the progress. It looks amazing!! John David is truly in his element...getting to be out in the woods all day, every day for work! Here are some pics from our fun time out there, and a glimpse of what they've been working on...

A view of the front so far

The main area so's completely open with a huge fireplace in the middle. LOVE the floorplan!

And this is what surrounds the entire place!! I'm so excited that the leaves are starting to change color!!

This is taken from the upstairs back deck...a shot of the workshop in the back.

Lyla thought this was really funny...Kristen would lean her in for some sugar from Uncle Richard and she would just giggle away. Nothing better than some Lyla kisses!

This is D.L.'s new thing...he does this pose and this face while saying, "You the Man!" haha! SO CUTE!!

The gang enjoying some BBQ in the kitchen

I love that the upstairs is open to the downstairs...hello everyone!

Lyla had so much fun running all around

And, of course, this is always a fun game...climbing up the stairs.
(don't you LOVE that Cedar post??)

And then we had a dance party outside!!

This one's dark...but so cute of Lyla and Daddy dancing

And then, D.L. literally just walked over to Lyla, grabbed her hands and started dancing with her! Be still my heart.

Roe and Lyla...just cruising around the land.

Little Lyla changed into her pj's before the drive home, and Daddy decided to throw her around a bit before we got in the car. I know, it looks scary...but Lyla laughs so hard when Daddy throws her so high!!


  1. What a fun crew! Maybe Wes needs to get a part-time job with those guys. :) That lodge looks amazing, and if we either hunted or had lots of money, we would totally be in. Hoping we get to hang out soon now that Reese is here and healthy!

  2. Wish we could hang out with the coolest company ever :( Ya'll are so much fun! Looks great too!

  3. seriously, BEST LIVES EVER! how fun is that. great job uncle jd on the hunting lodge!! woah! how awesome is that! absolutely, soak it up before you sell it. can we please come play?? such a great crew, yummy food, fantastic place and topping it off with a DANCE PARTY?~! Speaking my love language. Love YOU guys!! :)

  4. WOW...that is quite an amazing 'hunting house'. I was expecting of a more rough it type place, but that looks like paradise! Love all the pics! Lyla is getting so big!!! So precious!

  5. Y'all have the cutest family and the sweetest little life and friends out there in F'ville! I LOVE that! Love all those pictures, AMAZING lodge! WOW!!! Nice job John David!! Can't wait to see all 3 of you!!!!!