Thursday, October 7, 2010

Where did the week go?

I can't believe tomorrow is already Friday!! Here are a few glimpses of our week...fairly uneventful, but good!

Lyla discovered Daddy's Camelback...he wears this while he rides bikes, then hangs it on the door of the laundry room. I'm honestly pretty impressed that she figured the whole thing out. There's a pretty specific technique to getting water out of it! But, all week, she's been sneaking off to the laundry room for a quick water break:

These were taken this morning. Just a typical morning of random dance moves and funny faces. Crazy girl...she keeps us entertained!! And check out that awesome bed-head!

This one is right before we headed to my workout class the other morning. I am loving that it's cold in the mornings and I get to bust out her cute winter clothes. :) I also love that she is holding a book, because about 80% of our day consists of her bringing me different books to read to her:
We are loving this beautiful weather! We met up with several community group girls and our babies at Wilson Park this week for a picnic and playtime. Lyla was FULL of energy and loved running around:
Meeting sweet little Abbott Gump for the first time!!
And playing on the slide with Dyer Bailey, sitting up like such a big boy:
Lyla had such a great time on this dinosaur:
So much fun that she invited her boyfriend Sawyer to join her:

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