Wednesday, October 6, 2010

While Mom and Dad are away...

Lyla and Lydia will play!! For those of you that are curious what Lyla was up to while we were in is a glimpse of her weekend! I think she may have had as much fun as we did! Our PRECIOUS babysitter, Lydia, stayed with her at our house all weekend (can you say SAINT???) Lydia is a Senior (Pi Phi, of course) at the U of A and she babysits Lyla every week while we go to Community Group. Lyla LOVES her!!!! Seriously, every time I talked to her, they were doing something fun...they went to Chicken Finger Friday with all the other pi phis, shopped at the mall, played in the leaves at the park, went on lots of walks, read lots of books, etc. All weekend, Lydia would send me fun pictures of what Lyla was up to, and here are a few of them...

(eating Sunday Brunch at Emelia's...for Lydia's birthday!!!)

playing at Wilson Park...that's Lydia's cute boyfriend, Ben, in the background.
(sidenote: I used to babysit Ben when he was weird is that???)

This one is my favorite...sassy little girl. The text Lydia wrote with this picture said "mid dance move" :)

Lydia, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!! Thanks for taking such GREAT care of our sweet girl while we were away!!!

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