Monday, November 29, 2010

A Happy Thanksgiving indeed

We just got home last night from a super fun, relaxing time in Southeast Arkansas with John David's family. It was a wonderful little break from normal life.

We left last Wednesday and got to ride down there with Patrick, Margot, and Lacey Harris in the RV! Popped some popcorn in the microwave, watched DVD's, played games, and just lounged around...that's the way to travel! And with such fun people!
Although we had the huge RV to spread out in, we spent most of the trip like this...all piled up in the front so that we could play the alphabet game and 20 questions. :)
I think little Lyla enjoyed the ride:
Thanksgiving Morning:
John David and Lyla started the day out right with some fish faces. Lyla thinks it's SO funny when you make a fish face and is getting pretty good at it herself! ANY time she sees a fish or even hears the word, she looks at you to make the face.

A failed attempt at a family pic on Thanksgiving...but isn't her little turkey shirt so cute??

The amazing spread!! Check out John David's face in both pictures:

Lyla loved it!!! It was her first thanksgiving to actually be able to eat the food, and she was a fan! The sweet potatoes, dressing, green bean bundles, and chicken pie were her favorites! Oh, and of course the homemade rolls!! Let's just say she loved it all!

Since we will be with my family for Christmas, John David's family went ahead and gave Lyla her Christmas presents. Boy, did she score!!! She got the best stuff and she LOVES it all!!

After we stuffed our faces at Aunt Julie's, we headed over to Dumas to eat even MORE yumminess at Mama Sue's!! Here's a pic of the spread in Dumas...these southern women know how to cook!!
On Saturday, Lyla lounged around in her cute new outfit from Jan Jan...
played with Maggie and Luke (notice Lyla thinks that baby doll stroller is for her!)
played with Jan Jan, and even did a little Christmas shopping...
And ended the day with a bubble bath with the cousins....there's nothing better than bath pictures!!

Except for maybe fresh out of the tub pictures.

As you can tell, it was a wonderful time with family!! Lyla was spoiled rotten with lots of love and attention!!! :) We are Thankful, indeed, for the Lord's MANY blessings...and grateful for His love for us!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lights of the Ozarks

One of my favorite things about Christmas time in Fayetteville are the lights around the Square. On Saturday night, they had the big debut of lighting it all up. There was a parade and food and shopping and lots of picture taking. I had never been to this before (I mean, I've seen the lights on the square, but not the big debut) and I had NO IDEA how big of a deal it is!! I believe the entire city of Fayetteville was there! (which surprised me because the Razorbacks were playing on TV at the same time) I also had no idea it would be so cold! I think I was the only terrible mom there that did not have my child in a warm hat (not that she would have kept it on). Anywho, despite feeling terrible for my freezing child, we had a great time with some of our favorite Fayetteville friends!!

Friday, November 19, 2010