Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Friday!!

And a Happy 30th Birthday to my BIL, Stephen!!! :) Today has been a GREAT day so far...not only is it Friday and Uncle Stephen's Birthday, but it's EXTRA cheery around the Blagg household because I decorated for Christmas today!!! I blared some Christmas music during Lyla's nap this morning and literally danced around the house, having SO much fun!!! Normally, I'm a firm believer in waiting until after Thanksgiving, but I just couldn't help myself!!! We didn't get to decorate last year because all of our stuff was in storage, so I was extra eager to remember what all my fun Christmas things looked like!! And, it's our first Christmas in this I just couldn't wait another day! (Don't worry, pics to come soon!) For today, I just have some fun, random pictures to brighten your day as well!

The following are a common scene when Daddy gets home from work:

These are Lyla's two favorite things in the entire world...her piggie and her passy. I try to only let her have them when she's sleeping, but sometimes that little girl sneaks into her room, pulls them through her crib slats, and walks into the living room with them...they make her SO happy!

And so does her baby Stella!!! If she's fussy, I'll say, "where's baby Stella?" and she gets real focused and runs into her room, and comes back out with her baby...happy as can be.
Time to practice the piano:

And now for a duet with Benji

Our friends, Adam, Bethany, and Porter Rutledge came over for dinner the other night. Here's Adam multi-tasking with both Lyla and Porter. :)

Don't worry, I got some snuggle time with Porter myself!

We're so happy "Uncle" Patrick and "Aunt" Margot are back from their roadtrip!! Lyla missed them!

Snacktime with Stella Bella!

And then Noah joined in on the fun!

Silly girl was seriously running around like this last night...we may have a future plumber on our hands.

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