Monday, November 22, 2010

Lights of the Ozarks

One of my favorite things about Christmas time in Fayetteville are the lights around the Square. On Saturday night, they had the big debut of lighting it all up. There was a parade and food and shopping and lots of picture taking. I had never been to this before (I mean, I've seen the lights on the square, but not the big debut) and I had NO IDEA how big of a deal it is!! I believe the entire city of Fayetteville was there! (which surprised me because the Razorbacks were playing on TV at the same time) I also had no idea it would be so cold! I think I was the only terrible mom there that did not have my child in a warm hat (not that she would have kept it on). Anywho, despite feeling terrible for my freezing child, we had a great time with some of our favorite Fayetteville friends!!

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  1. Mindy, just came across your blog today! Lyla is SOOOOO stinkin' adorable!! She has LOTS of expressions--so cute! Hope you and John David are doing well! Happy Thanksgiving to you both!