Friday, November 19, 2010

ottoman facelift!

A couple years ago, John David's precious Aunt and Uncle redid their house, and we were blessed to receive these awesome matching chairs and ottoman that they were getting rid of! They are the most comfortable things ever and we LOVE them! However, the ottoman had seen some better days and was in serious need of some TLC. I literally have just thrown a blanket over it and tried to ignore it. However, a couple weeks ago, I finally took it to get reupholstered. I picked it up on Wednesday, and I could not love it more!!!! He even made a few pillows to tie it all together! I seriously feel like I have a whole new living room!! Check it out...
I found this cute orange bench a while back at Riffraff, and the orange just matched the fabric so perfectly, so I pulled it on over and threw the pillows on there:
I put the other pillow on the opposite chair:
Amazing what a little fabric can do!! :)

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  1. LOVE that fabric!!!!! have looked at it before and thought about it - sooo cute and fun. there is a show on ABC on wednesday nights - pretty funny show called Better With You - anyways in the apartment it is filmed in there is a chair in that fabric too. Ha! Clearly I have liked it enough it has caught my eye on random TV shows!!! Looks very cute!!!