Tuesday, November 2, 2010

RHS Reunion and Halloween!

This past weekend, we went to Dallas for my 10 year High School Reunion. Any chance we get to be in Dallas, I'm going to jump on because it's a chance to spend time with family! :) We got there Friday evening, and my mom cooked a yummy dinner for the whole crew. We had some great cousin time, which of course included playing outside with all the other neighborhood kids and reading some books. Also, Lyla experienced her first chocolate covered banana for dessert, and it was a HIT!

Saturday night was the big RHS Class of 2000 Reunion...Whoop Whoop!!!! We put Lyla to bed in her cute Halloween PJ's, then headed out to catch up with old friends...

It truly was wonderful to see everyone. I LOVE all these girls SO MUCH!!! Many of them, I have either known since Kindergarten, or cheered with from 7th-12th grade!! SO many fun memories with each one of them! And although I've lived in Arkansas the past 10 years (!!), I always pick right back up with each one of them as if no time has passed.
(two of my bff's traveled a long way to be there...Mere (on the left) came in from California, and Helen (in the middle) came in from NYC!! So, it was an extra special treat to see them!)

(The twins...I thought it would be REALLY funny to make them switch name tags for the night. Unfortunately, no one fell for it. These girls are SO refreshing to my heart!! Love them.)

Michael dancing = so funny. (Don't you just LOVE Esther's face looking at him? haha!)
Again, I love each one of you girls! Great to see y'all and catch up on life!! :)

Sunday was Halloween!!! Unfortunately, I somehow caught a stomach bug!!! (absolute misery) So, while I was holed up in my old room, Lyla and John David spent the day with the fam...went to church, ate lunch, carved a pumpkin, played outside, dressed up in their costumes for pictures and trick-or-treating, ate dinner together, etc. Again, complete torture to miss out on this!! But, I'm glad we got to spend an extra day together so that Lyla could be with her cousins for Halloween, even if I was sick. Here's what I missed out on... :)

(In the midst of all the chaos, Lyla fell down the concrete stairs and got a big ole strawberry on her forehead...so, that's what you will see in the rest of the pics. Poor thing. Just this stage of life, I guess.)
Lyla got to meet Meredith for the first time! YAY!

This year, Lyla was a Bumblebee for Halloween...BEE still my heart! :)

Cousin Annie was a Roll Tide Elephant, with a wardrobe change into an Alabama cheerleader. SO CUTE!!

The Eoff kiddos were all characters from Toy Story...Woody, Jesse, and the Alien.
And here's Rowdy Woody himself:

Jesse and Woody (check out Marshall's pose, please)

Our little bumblebee had a great time swinging with Papo (btw, she learned to say "Papo" this weekend, and it's so sweet to hear her little voice say his name!) John David had a major photo shoot of Lyla while she swang...I just love these close-ups of all her facial expressions (minus the boo boo on her head):

Happy Halloween everyone!!

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  1. i love that hannah and lyla had the same costume! too bad we didn't see y'all for a picture :( maybe they can play "dress up" and we can pretend it's halloween again for some pictures! :)