Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Saturday O' Fun

We had such a fun-filled day this past Saturday! It started out with a delicious breakfast at my favorite Fayetteville place, Uncle Gaylords. This place has the coziest atmosphere and the best blueberry pancakes you will ever taste. Here's a pic of the entrance...how inviting is this?? Love it!!

And Lyla loved it too!! She was SO giggly the entire time! Her Daddy was extra funny that morning.
*sidenote: They don't have highchairs (maybe they're trying to tell us something...that they don't want kids there??) But, that didn't stop this family from coming! We just brought our own! :)
Good thing Lyla was a happy girl!
A blurry pic of me and my girl, but I love our matching dimples...the only thing she got from me. :)

Since Uncle Gaylords is on the Square, we took full advantage and walked around the Farmer's Market and stuck our heads into Riffraff, the CUTEST store.

After breakfast, we headed out to spend the day bowling in Ft. Smith!! Random, you might say? Well, remember our "foster child" Benji? He got a job working at the Ft. Smith bowling alley. So, as any proud parents would do, we went to visit him!
He even let us back in the kitchen to cook anything we wanted for lunch! We took full advantage and stuffed ourselves with fried goodness. For some reason, my camera kept taking blurry pictures. :(

Benji took us "backstage" and showed us the inner workings of a bowling alley. So fascinating! (again, blurry pictures. ugh.)

The funny part about the above picture is that this was NOT staged. These were our actual faces when Richard took the picture unbeknownst to us. (That was my face when Richard said the pictures were blurry. haha!)
And here is the posed pic. Cheerleader faces!
Lyla had a blast just running around the place. I love that she's running on a picture of a bowling ball in flames.
Check out that form!!
This was at the end of a long, but fun day at the bowling alley...Lyla was ready to take a nap! But, I had to document her with 3 of her favorite boys...Benji, Daniel, and John David. (Daniel's in college and we've adopted him as one of ours as well.) We really did have a blast and would make it a weekly tradition if we could! Benji was such a great host!

Lyla slept in the car ride home, then was ready to party some more! She begged us to let her friend, Stella, come over and play. So, we agreed since we love her parents. Haley and Kyle came over to watch the Razorback game. We lit a fire and ordered pizzas and Haley and I worked a puzzle! An ideal night in my book!! Oh, and Lyla and Stella had fun playing, too. These two little busy bees were hard to capture with the camera...but, here are a few attempts:

"Hey, Stella. Want to share a bowl of broccoli? Oh, you just want to throw it on the floor and play with it? Yeah, that sounds way more fun."

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  1. What a fun day Mindy! I know what you mean about your daughter not getting anything from you but those sweet dimples...I have the same frustration with our girls :] They unfortunately got my thin hair, and that's about all! Wish I could have given them something else like my freckles :]