Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another Failed Attempt at some Christmas Cheer...

Well, not only did Lyla hate Santa Clause, but she also hated the Christmas craft I thought she would love. My super creative friend, Mandy, has been doing a Christmas activity with her kids every day in December, so I felt inspired by her blog and decided I'd have a little Christmas fun with Lyla as well. One of the crafts she did was to make a Christmas tree out of Noah's handprints and I instantly decided that was going to be our special gift for all the Grandparents from Lyla. I can't tell you how excited I've been. I was picturing it turning out so cute, with a special little note from Lyla on each one. Their hearts were going to just melt Christmas morning. So, I headed out to Hobby Lobby and gathered all my goodies...

Three large frames: 1 for Papo and Cookie, 1 for Jan Jan and Pop, and 1 for Pappy
Green finger paint
and some glitter glue for ornaments and decor
Boy, was I excited. I've actually been anticipating it all week and decided to wait until Saturday to do it so John David could be home to see how adorable Lyla was finger painting for the first time.
And, once again, did not go as planned...

Lyla. Hated. It.
Cried the entire we were torturing her or something.
I kept trying so hard to make it happen...
But, alas, she just wanted to play with the paint bottle and NOT put her hand in it!!
This was the best we got:
And this was the tree and the artistic eye that John David made trying to show Lyla how to do it (maybe we'll just wrap these up!)
Oh Well. Maybe next year!!

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  1. oh no Mindy!! I'm so flattered that I inspired you :), but so sad that it turned out so bad for you. Poor Lyla, she probably thought it felt icky or something. I have to admit, these pictures have me laughing just a little! You're right, maybe next year!