Monday, December 13, 2010

The Blagg Motel

a.k.a. "The Compound" as we also like to refer to it. For the past few weeks, we've had Patrick and Margot living with us, as well as our friend Drew. So, there is never a dull moment at the Blagg household this Holiday Season!! Everyone truly has been so awesome and so easy to live with. And I always have an extra hand with Lyla!! And free babysitters!! I really am so touched by how much they all love Lyla like she is their own. So, here are lots of pics to give you a little glimpse into life at The Blagg Motel. :)

This is where Benji has to sleep now when he comes in town.
Oh yeah, and our friend Kevin was in town too!
Told you...Blagg Motel. Anyone else want to join us?? :)

Don't worry, Lyla still claims her chair every chance she gets!
And, I just had to show you her adorable sweater outfit. It's getting SO COLD here in Fayetteville!! It's been in the 20's all day today!
I've definitely been cooking a lot more! We have 3 hard-working boys that come home hungry! This was Chicken Spaghetti night...Lyla loved it, or at least loved rubbing it all over herself!

All cleaned up, and just plain cute:

Sawyer came over for a lunch date:

Lyla LOVES Drew...will just follow him all around. She really will walk over to him and lay her head down to snuggle...and she's NOT a snuggler! So sweet.
The other night, Patrick started jumping around the house and was making Lyla laugh SO HARD!! I eventually got the video camera out to capture her giggles and I captured a whole lot more...some awesome dance moves! Check it out on facebook. So funny.

And you never know when Richard and Kristen are going to randomly show up with a giant tub of cheese puffs!! Oh, the joy and the games that these things provided for the compound!! Eating competitions, throwing them into our mouths from across the get the idea.

Drew decided that he wanted Lyla to wear her backpack...
so she wore it all around the house, looking very cute.
Some more common scenes around here...

Everything acts as a phone these days...remote controls, whatever. Just chatting away!!
And this is by far her new favorite seat in the house...she will just climb in and watch tv, talk on the phone, wave bye-bye. Countless hours of entertainment. We just leave it in the living room now.
And, last but not least, our nightly entertainment:

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