Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Well, ok, so it's looked like Christmas for a long time around here! But, I was just sitting here realizing that we're leaving town in the morning and by the time we get back it will be time to take all this down, and I never posted pictures like I said I, here you go! A glimpse into our little holiday decor...

I LOVE our stockings from Sundance Catalog:
And I love our quirky little mr. and mrs. snowmen on either side of the mantel...

Since I didn't want to risk my favorite ornaments being broken from the tree falling over (or being pulled down by a certain one year old), I put them in a little bowl on our coffee table:
Love this little tree as well...reminds me of Dr. Seuss:
Aunt Ju Ju gave Lyla this Nativity set, and I wanted it to be out so that people could look at it, and Lyla could play with it. So, I just pulled her little table and chairs out to the living room, and she has seriously spent countless hours sitting here playing with her Nativity set! She loves it!!
And I taught her to kiss baby Jesus to show her that we love him, and now she does it every time. So sweet. :)
Our perfectly pitiful little tree. :) I never realized how tiny it was until we moved into a house with 12 foot ceilings! But, we just made do! I stuck it on this table so that the neighbors could actually see it out the window, and so that Lyla couldn't pull on it! Worked out well, I think!
(also, I had great intentions of hanging the birch wreaths with thick red ribbon in the window...but, it never happened. So, just imagine how cute that will be next year.)
For Christmas last year, we got these Christmas dishes from John David's family. So, I was super excited to use them this year!! And, we really did have lots of Christmas dinners here at the Compound! :)

This is where I hung all our Christmas cards...I LOVE getting cards from all our friends and family!! Looking at all those little faces make me so happy!!
Once the shelves got full, I moved over to the piano...
The entrance:
And, once again, didn't want to risk hanging these from the tree, so I stuck them on this candle holder! I love this set from my MiL! :)
So, there you go...Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!!! :)

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