Sunday, January 16, 2011


We just got home from an awesome church service and a yummy lunch with friends at our favorite after-church diner, Neals...just good ole home-cooking, waitresses know you by name, animals hanging on the wall, fried-chicken kinda place. So, my belly is full and happy...but my heart is even MORE full and happy! (cheesy? maybe. But so true.) Let me tell you's because of COMMUNITY!! And by community, I mean our family of Believers, our neighbors, our friends, our church family. At church this morning, they preached on John 15 (one of my favorite passages), about abiding in Christ...and that when we abide/remain in Him, we will bear much fruit. And, over the past 4 days, we have been the recipients of this kind of love. This passage has been alive and active over the past week through all of our friends. I have felt Christ's love just POURED out on us through the community of Believers that surrounds us. Now, I know many of you have thought that I've been really "strong" through all of this...but, I'm telling you, that if I were trying to go through this on my own, I would be an absolute wreck. Honestly. But, through God's comfort and love poured out by others, THAT has given me the strength to stay positive and grateful. Especially at a time when we would love to be surrounded by our family, God has blessed us abundantly through our family of Believers.

John 15 says that the world will know we are His disciples if we love one another. John David and I both have been blown away by how our friends have lived this out over the past 4 days and have loved us well. I mean, the fact that our neighbors dropped what they were doing to watch Lyla for 2 days and tag-team taking care of her, that multiple people have brought us meals, sent such encouraging notes and texts, offered to babysit Lyla so that we can have a date night, etc, etc...we are blown away!! And this is not to say that we are just so popular. It is to give glory to GOD that HE has poured out His love on us through others. It is a testimony to what it looks like to live in community and to be plugged into a church and to have friends that are abiding in Christ. And we just want to say THANK YOU!! Thank you for bearing fruit in our lives. I am so encouraged, after hearing the message this morning at church, to have experienced first hand this Scripture being lived out through others.


  1. Minds, I'm just now reading this for the first time--all of it. I am so sorry. Please consider me one of God's blessings praying for you :)
    Also, when I read John 15, I immediately thought of Greek Summit. Remember that talk that what's-his-face gave and he circled that part where the vine and the branch joined together? Clearly it stuck with me. Love you!

  2. Mindy, I too am just reading all this. I'm so sorry. Your faith is amazing and you're so right...God has a plan, and He will be glorified through it all. So grateful for your friends...we'll be praying for continued healing! xoxo