Monday, January 31, 2011

Fun times in T-town

Over the weekend, John David went on a hunting trip with his Dad. It was the last weekend of duck season, and they limited out 3 mornings in a row and had a great time together. Meanwhile, my best friend from Texarkana was having a baby shower on Saturday. So, Lyla and I got a wild hair and hopped in the car on Friday to make the trek down there. Lyla had woken up Thursday with a bad cough and runny nose, so I figured I'd take advantage of the extra hands, and a chance to spend time with family. We had the best time! Although that drive is so brutal, it was worth it once we got there!!

One of the perks of being there is that I got to sleep in both mornings! :)
And, this is how I found Lyla girl on Saturday morning...
chillin' in her new chair Jan Jan got her for the beach, wearing her new PJ's and her new Uggs.
(she gets spoiled rotten when we go there...and I'm not complaining!) :)

Aunt Ali (aka Lyla's pageant coach) worked with Lyla on some of her moves...
this was the classic "fingers-in-your-dimples-with-a-cheesy-smile" move.
Lyla was workin' it. That girl has her eyes on the Tiara!!

And, big news!!

(very scraggly and mulletish...was driving me crazy!)
(Aunt Ali working her magic)

And, After:
(I absolutely LOVE it!! She looks like such a big kid now with her little bob)
goodbye mullet!!!
And, then we were off to...
She's due in less than a month with baby Josiah!!! Can't wait to meet him!!

All my T-town buddies!! Such a treat to see these girls! LOVE each one of them so much!

Preggo Heather!! Who would have ever thought we'd see her with a belly?? So cute!

Me and my little grown-up Amelia!

Jan Jan and Lyla joined the party!!

And I finally got to meet baby Reese!!

Just running around, showing off her cute new haircut. :)

After the shower, Jan Jan, Pop, and I took Lyla to Chuck E. Cheese!!
She wanted nothing to do with the rides that cost money.

ALL she wanted to do is go down the slide over and over and over.
That's my girl...taking advantage of the free stuff! :)

(Lyla could live off pizza and fruit...absolutely her favorite foods)
Lyla and Pop got adventuresome and climbed up in the big kid play area...
They love each other.
Speaking of Love, Lyla loves Atticus!!
Here she is offering him a sip of her pretend drink.
And sitting in her favorite little chair.
Snuggling with Jan Jan while we watch Hi-5:


On Sunday, we got to spend some time with Rachel and Will Berry before we headed out of town. Such little cuties. Checking out the dogs.

And, lastly, this is the portrait hanging in Jan Jan and Pop's house of John David when he was Lyla's age! See any similarities?? :)
I'm seriously obsessed with his little hand pinching his thigh.


  1. seriously i want to come over the next time y'all are in town and meet miss lyla! i can never get over how cute she is. and i want to introduce her and cannon - i think they would be fast friends! :) i know jana LOVES y'all coming to visit!! such sweet pictures.

  2. fun! I am so glad you posted that picture of John David! Im showing Josh to prove that I can dress my boys in sweet little outfits and they will still grow up to be "manly men"!! Love it!

  3. OHH MY GOSH ON LYLA's HAIRCUT!!! That sweet little kissable neck and her hair is just precious!! She does look so grown up! And, way to go on your BREAKFAST! You're a pro already. I need all the help i can get over here. Were those yummy? Ohh man! 45 we go :) I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU!!