Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Boyfriend's Back!!

Sawyer Bear is back after a ROUGH week!!! A week ago today, he had an awful asthma attack and had to be transported by plane to Children's Hospital in Little Rock. After a couple nights in ICU and lots of testing, he's finally back in the cute and precious and lovable as ever!! My heart has been SO heavy for the Henrys and all that they've been through over the past week. I absolutely can't even imagine the pain of seeing my child not able to breathe!!! (you can read the whole story here) They just got back last night, and Lyla and I couldn't WAIT to hug that sweet little boy and his Mama!!!! Now, I normally wouldn't let Lyla just go around kissing any boy like this, but this was a special circumstance...

These two really are the best playmates and have so much fun together...


We are SO thankful for the Henrys and their amazing friendship to us, and we are praising God that Sawyer is ok!!!! Glad to have them back. Life is very weird in Fayetteville without them!! :)

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  1. Love ya'll so much! IT seriously brightened my entire week being with you two. I am so obsessed with those two babies, we sure are lucky aren't we?!