Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days

John David just informed me that it's going to be 1 degree tonight in Fayetteville. Yep, it's COLD out there!! Needless to say, Lyla and I haven't left the house in a couple days. We've been very content in our warm home snuggled up by the fire! We did, however, get to go to work with Daddy on Monday to check out the progress of the Ranch and to chop some firewood for the week. It was SUCH a fun day!!! I'm so proud of John David and the guys for the amazing work they've done on this house! And it was just such a fun little family outing in the snow!

Heading out for our adventure...

The beautiful drive up to the ranch:
The entrance:
I loved Lyla's precious little curious face staring out the window at the pretty snow:
The drive up to the house...these boys put in many hours putting up this fence!!
And this was my first time to see it.
John David and Lyla checking out the upstairs:

Lyla had a BALL just running around in the open space. Seriously just giggled and danced the whole time:

John David even joined in on the dance party:

The amazing fireplace:
Lyla and I chilled in the car while Daddy chopped firewood. Lyla thought it was really fun to get to sit in the driver's seat:

And even during our days holed up in the house, I still like to put her in her cute hooded sweaters...just makes me feel a little cozier. (and she looks pretty cute!)

Happy Winter!! Hope everyone is staying warm and drinking lots of hot chocolate like we are!!

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  1. When can we go stay at that amazing cabin?? Such cute pics of Lyla and the snowy days! Love you!