Tuesday, January 25, 2011

These have helped too...

In my last post, I mentioned some words that have been helpful through this time. And, I've gotta say, these have been pretty helpful too...

From Uncle John, Aunt Laura, John William, and Mark

From Ali, Cody, and Baby Dealer

And, our sweet little Drew Sutherland (who lived with us for a while) sent the above flowers and petit-fores (how do you spell that??) from him and his friend, Bruna. I was absolutely blown away when these arrived!!! At first, I was so confused by "John 15" until I realized it was a reference to my blog...that I had talked about how helpful that passage had been. I mean, how incredibly sweet and thoughtful is that??

Just wanted to document this kindness...you know, since the flowers will soon die and the cakes have all been eaten. :)

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  1. It's petit four. It means "little oven" in French. And that's precious.