Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend at the Ranch

When we woke up Thursday morning to a blanket of snow on the ground, we loaded up our things and headed out to the Ranch to play...we were going to just spend one night out there, and ended up staying for 3 days! It was such a needed, relaxing getaway. Here are LOTS of pics from our time...

Manly men:

Me and Lee in our matching headbands!

The dudes

3 Little Monkeys jumping on the bed

eating our yummy dinner

watching cartoons the next morning

The view out the front

Margot went hunting with Patrick...she was a little bundled! haha!!

We rode through the woods to look for deer and enjoy the winter wonderland

Lyla straight fell asleep in Daddy's arms on our ride!

We played a little hide and seek...
this is what Lyla does whenever you ask where anyone or anything is.
(holds up her little arms like this and shrugs as she looks around)
"Lyla, where's Richard??"
hmmmmm...seriously, where could he be???
Now, where's Lyla??
There she is!!
(she literally climbed up here all by herself!! haha!!)
Just striking a pose in her new gloves:

One happy girl right here...eating some kettle corn with Lyla while I work a puzzle:
Now for some random cuteness:

On Saturday, our friends Bethany and Daniel joined us and we decided to spend the day in Eureka Springs. We ate the most delicious delicious, that I had to take a picture:
And then we just walked around town and did a little shopping...
A very fun weekend indeed!!


  1. Oh my gosh! So fun!!! Love the pictures!!

  2. What a fun weekend and with such a fun group of people!! Glad you had the getaway!!

  3. Lyla is so precious...but probably you know that! :)

  4. Oh my GOSH! Most fun weekend ever. And, YOU.ARE.BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Such happy memories. I think my life's purpose is to drive a polaris full-time. Think that would be ok?

  5. so much fun! I LOVE the cabin!

    ps - after I posted my other comment a sec ago, I realized I think I've already explained our small world two you before, haha. Sorry, my memory is awful : /