Sunday, February 20, 2011

easy entertainment

Lyla had so much fun with her Valentine card from Jan Jan and Pop.
It was full of Dora stickers. :)

She also had such a fun playdate with Sawyer last week. We have loved this small taste of Spring, and Lyla and Sawyer are really starting to become such great play mates!

Oh, and of course laundry baskets are always full of fun.


  1. Ha Ha...How cute is she with all those stickers!

  2. Be.Still.My.Heart! That was so much fun getting caught up on your weekend! I just wish yall would get out more and try to do some fun things every now and then. Heavens to Betsy! WHAT A TOTAL BLAST you Paleo hunks and beauties! (seriously!!!) :) WE LOVE YOU and MISS YOU!!!