Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lyla at 16 months

Well, as I type this, Lyla is sitting next to me feeding herself some yogurt. Feeling SO big! Oh, and making a mess of course. But, Miss Independent is SO over Mommy helping her with anything! She wants to do everything by herself these days. So, Lyla at 16 months....this is both a super fun and a super tough age. She definitely has mastered the art of fit-throwing and saying the word "no". I have no idea how every child learns to do this. (oh yeah, I do...sin nature) I know that all of this is developmentally appropriate, and that comforts me a little. I know that she just gets frustrated and doesn't quite know how to express it yet. (like when it's time to leave the park or barnes and noble, or we are done playing with bubbles, or I need to change her diaper and she really doesn't want me to, or she desperately wants some of the crackers we just passed at the grocery store...just a few examples off the top of my head! :) ) But, it's still so hard to know what to do at this age when you really can't reason with them! I find myself often thinking, "it's a good thing she's cute." And that she is!! And, of course, just like her Mama, she quickly gets over these little moments of frustration, and is giggling and giving hugs and kisses and happy as can be the next minute. Our little bipolar child. :)

And since I don't want to only remember the tough times, here are a few other fun things about Lyla at this age:

  • Has also mastered the art of saying "thank you!" and always says it in a really high-pitched, pleasant way anytime you hand her anything. If she even just wants something, (i.e. she finds a package of puffs) she'll hand it to you while saying "thank you!" (just thanking in advance because she knows you're going to give her some!) And, my all-time favorite is when I give her something and she says, "thank-you-please!" Just covering all her bases.
  • She's absolutely repeating everything we say...which means we really have to watch what comes out of our mouths! She is such a little sponge for knowledge right now, and the teacher in me loves watching her curious little mind learn new things every day!
  • She is super social and absolutely LOVES going to childcare at church and for my exercise class. I always say, "Lyla, we're going to play with your friends" and then the whole car ride there, she sits in the backseat saying "friends" and kicking her legs with excitement.
  • For some reason, she confuses her M's and B's. She can perfectly say Mama. But milk is "bea" (and she always repeats it over and over..."bea, bea, bea" when she wants some), Margot is "Bargot", a cow says "boo" and a sheep says "maa", and Ben (Lydia's boyfriend) is "Men". What the heck?? :)
  • A few more Lyla-language translations:"aush you"= hold you; "bizza"= banana
  • She asks for an apple every single day. Loves them.
  • Discovered wet willies on her own, without her Daddy or Uncle John's help. She literally stuck her finger in her mouth, put it in my ear, and started giggling so hard when I screamed. She now wants to do it all the time. And I have to scream every time because she thinks it's really funny.
  • Still utterly obsessed with dogs and animals
  • Fresh Beat Band is by far her favorite show on TV. And it comes on at 5:30...a perfect time to start dinner because I know she is locked in for a good 20 minutes straight.
  • She's also absolutely in love with Hi-5. Jan Jan bought her all 5 seasons for Christmas and they are a life-saver during long road-trips and snowy days. I guess she just loves anything with real humans and lots of music.
  • She's officially down to 1 nap a day. Usually goes down around 1 and sleeps until 3 or 3:30.
So, although I find myself praying for patience a lot more these days and often feeling like I'm on the verge of a mental breakdown (especially when we are snowed in and haven't left the house in 3 full days!!! oh yeah, and Lyla is still sick.), I really am so incredibly thankful and so in love with this little girl. She brightens my life and makes me laugh every single day, and I wouldn't trade these days with her for anything!! I'm also extremely thankful for a God who gives me grace and strength when I need it...and I need it ALL the time! :) And for a husband who senses when I'm about to lose my mind and lets me sleep in till 9 this morning and plans a date night for me tonight!!! I'm so ready to join the outside world again!!! Hope the rest of you stay at home mommies are surviving this weather as well!! And if you have any advice on how to stay sane, send them my way! :)


  1. I just smiled so many times while reading this. I feel the exact same way about Stella, such a fun and super tough age! And the wet-willies...hysterical!

  2. so sweet!

    something that has helped us with Brayden (and we started around this age) with leaving places is to give him a warning (ie: B we are leaving in 10 minutes), and then counting down (ie B we are now leaving in 5 minutes). I think they sort of understand that lingo around now, and it allows them to prepare mentally to leave. It REALLY cut down on the fit throwing when we were leaving somewhere. if he were to throw a fit though, we explain (and this is where he may not understand but I still explain in hopes that it will soon click) that we need to be grateful or we won't be able to come back and enjoy the fun things that mommy and daddy do with you. Or "Jesus wants us to have a thankful heart, let's have a thankful heart" and then we wave bye bye to everything.