Monday, February 14, 2011

More Snow Fun!

Well, as I type this, it's 60 degrees outside and most of the snow is completely melted. Which makes me glad that we had one last day of fun in it over the weekend.

Our neighbors, the Cramers, built this super awesome snow mountain coming down from their playground. They have 3 boys, so you can imagine the fun that was had with this. It was built so that they could climb up and slide down through a tunnel of snow!
They even made the tunnel connect so that you could crawl through it. Lyla is checking out Titus through the snow tunnel.
She wasn't quite ready to crawl through on her own. I don't really blame her.
But she couldn't get enough of this 4 wheeler!
Just walking down our street. Yes, this is what our street has looked like for the past week 1/2.
sledding with Mama. John David pulled us on the back of the Ranger.
Nothing ends a good snow day like sipping on something hot...even if it is imaginary tea.

Oh yeah, and Lyla LOVED to eat the snow! She would take turns eating it, and then throwing it. I have no idea how her little fingers weren't frozen, but it didn't seem to bother her one bit!

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