Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Paleo Challenge

Well, it's February 1st...the day I've both dreaded and anticipated since Christmas. My brother, John, owns a CrossFit gym in Richardson. (check it out here, and if you live in the Dallas area and you are not a member...you are missing out!!!) Anyway, he has challenged his members to a 45 day Paleo challenge. When we were home for Christmas, he was telling us about it and seeing as how my entire family will be doing it, I eagerly and without much thought said, "I'll do it, too!" So, here we are...day one of the challenge. And, I'm actually super pumped about it!! (ask me how I feel in about 2 weeks...haha) Some of you may be wondering what the heck Paleo is. Basically, it's the "caveman" diet...anything you can hunt or gather. Meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and oils. What I am excited about is avoiding things that have been processed and nourishing my body with clean foods that are God-made. I really am not concerned with losing weight (although I won't complain if I do), but am just wanting to feel better and have more energy. So, I'm curious to see how I feel after doing this for 6 weeks. Last night, we went out for Katie's birthday (happy birthday, Katie!!!!) and for my "last supper" I stuffed myself with bread, spinach artichoke pasta, wine, and cake. And, don't get me wrong, it was delicious, but I just feel so gross after meals like that and always come home with a tummy ache. So, here's to clean eating for 45 days to hopefully cleanse my system and feel better!! :)

So, day one. Here's our breakfast from this morning. One blog that is super helpful and inspiring is Jen's Gone Paleo (you can get to it from my list of blogs on the right) This is a recipe from her blog...mini frittatas.
We just browned some ground turkey, shredded a zucchini, and whisked some eggs.
mixed it all together in a muffin pan...
baked at 350 for about 25 minutes
sauteed some onion and sweet potato in olive oil
and, voila!
delicious, filling, and healthy breakfast!
(and, yes, that is black coffee...it really wasn't too bad!)

And, now we have tons of those mini frittatas on hand to pair with some grapefruit for easy breakfasts all week long! It really was so delicious!! So, come on, anyone want to join me??? It'll be fun!!!!!


  1. Mindy, so fun you are doing the Paleo challenge, too! I started last week and (after a rough first couple of days) I feel amazing. You are going to love it! Thanks for sharing that recipe, I hadn't seen it yet and it looks incredible.

  2. Mindy,
    Wow! How Lyla has grown! She is precious! I stumbled across your blog, and I was happy to see another Paleo family! We should get the kids together again sometime. My boys would love your sweet lLyla, I'm sure!
    Samantha george