Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Paleo day one continued...

ok, I promise I'm not going to post a picture of every single meal for 45 days. I'm just overly excited about this right now. So, my frittata and sweet potatoes literally kept me full until almost 2:00! One of my fears in doing this was that I was going to feel starving all the time, but thankfully, that hasn't been the case so far. And lunch was delicious and I'm stuffed once again. Here's what we did...

lettuce wrap sandwiches.
this one is mine.
turkey, avocado, cucumbers, mustard and spike for seasoning.
with a side of carrots.
and this one is John David's.
everything I did, but he added jalapenos and of course tons of pepper.
our little rabbit even joined us in munching on some raw carrots:

And meanwhile, it's a winter wonderland out there:
My phone says it's 13 degrees, but "feels like -3"
I think we've already gotten at least 7 inches of snow over probably an inch of ice.

I think Lyla and I will stay right here in our warm home, and just observe the beauty of it from indoors. And, yes, we are both still in our PJ's. Because that's what you do on snow days. :)

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  1. please DO post every single one. i love seeing them. it's so encouraging and helpful. love you guys over there.