Thursday, February 24, 2011

Paleo Turning Point

My sister wrote the exact post I've been feeling lately. So, I'm going to echo her feelings on this fun little "diet" we've been doing. My brother kept telling me that although eating Paleo is hard in the beginning, he promised me it would be worth it in the end. And I've hung on for that reason only. If any of you are considering trying it (and I highly recommend it), just be encouraged that week 3 is the turning point! I for sure still have my hard moments, but within the past week, I've really turned a corner. I've gone from semi-despising it to absolutely loving and embracing it. This has everything to do with the fact that I feel GREAT! The first couple weeks, my body was literally going through a detox which no doubt lead to my irritability, sleepiness, and frustration. Our bodies are physically addicted to carbs and sugars, and my body (and my mood) hated me at first for not giving into them. But now, after 3 weeks, I truly just feel overall healthy, clean, more energized, and I actually crave those things less. I love the feeling of putting things into my body that I know will benefit me and not harm me. And I've really enjoyed being creative with my cooking. I've learned that I can really eat almost anything, I just have to tweak it in a paleo way. (example: if I'm craving chips, I just eat sweet potato chips instead. If I'm craving pancakes, I look up a recipe for paleo pancakes) It's kinda fun. And then I don't feel guilty eating them. Another thing I've enjoyed is that I'm not counting calories or watching my portions. I am able to eat all throughout the day, just as long as I'm choosing healthy things. Anyway, I had to document these feelings so that I can look back on it on the tough days and remind myself that this is worth it. :) Here are a few examples of what we've been eating:

Paleo tacos. I did tilapia and ground beef:
I was so proud of this homemade peach salsa I made. It was delicious!
And, of course yummy guacamole.
This has become a typical afternoon snack for me. Ants on a log. (made with Sunbutter) I literally feel like I'm in preschool again.
And I love it.
I totally made this next recipe up, and we both ended up loving it!
I made spaghetti squash to substitute noodles, and just sauteed a bunch of veggies and chicken with olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, and basil. Then mixed it all up like a Pasta Primavera. It was actually yummy! And fun to experiment with!
And, of course, we added some sweet potato chips and the leftover guac.
Some apple paleo muffins. To be honest, they didn't have much flavor at all.
But, I've loved baking with my almond flour and trying different things.
I like having things like this on hand for breakfast or an afternoon snack.
A typical lunch:
SO, come on...who have I convinced?? Join me on this journey please!! The more the merrier!! :)


  1. As soon as our next little baby arrives (around Sept 25) I WILL ABSOLUTELY do Paleo... unless I can figure out how to do a pregnancy Paleo diet, which I'm sure would be TONS better for me than waiting... Let me know what i need to do :) I love you and miss you so much!

  2. my coworker was actually talking about about a paleo diet the other day

  3. Mindy, I'm not sure I could go all-out Paleo but I do the South Beach diet and it actually seems pretty similar in a lot of ways. You should check out if you ever need any new recipe ideas! I make the most delicious spag squash and cauliflower recipes that I got from there!

  4. I am so impressed, Mindy! I have good thoughts about jumping on the paleo bandwagon, but I don't think I could stick with it...and I don't want to fail! haha!