Saturday, February 5, 2011

Paleo Update!

Well, it only took 4 days until I almost gave up this new little diet. :) It really has been pretty easy and fun...up until last night! Of course, I have had my moments all week of wanting to grab a few crackers or wanting to pop a bag of popcorn and drink some hot chocolate on these snowy days. But, one thing I've truly enjoyed is it makes me so aware of the mindless snacking that I'm so used to doing. I have enjoyed really thinking about what's going into my body. So, back to last friend Sarah Boyce invited us over for pizza and cupcakes for Estelle's birthday (pics to come!). And, because we've been stranded at the house all week, we are super low on groceries and ALL I wanted was to go eat a free, yummy meal over there and not have to scrounge up something healthy here before we went! John David and I almost bit each other's heads off because we were both starving and frustrated with our lack of options. We were literally down to only 2 eggs, so we scrambled them up with some spinach and turkey. Then, headed over for the party. SB was so thoughtful to have lots of veggies cut up and some fruit for us to snack on, so that helped. BUT, I've never wanted a slice of pizza or a cupcake so bad in my entire life. I have such a newfound sympathy for people who are dieting. And I'm learning that I have very little self-control, so this is good for me! We survived the night of temptation, and then came home and pounced on the internet in search for some kind of paleo recipe resembling a carb or something sweet! haha!
Which brings me to today. We woke up refreshed and ready to get focused and excited about Paleo again. So, we bundled up and headed out to Ozark Natural Foods. We had so much fun picking out healthy foods and ingredients for baking...and we even became members. (the inner hippie in me is pumped about that!) We are so official. After spending entirely too much money, and then proceeding to spend lots of money on a DELICIOUS lunch at Greenhouse Grille (our all-time favorite Fayetteville restaurant), we headed home, put Lyla down for a nap, and started baking:

just wanted you to see how cute Lyla looked for our Saturday outing

All the ingredients that went into our "sweet potato" cookies
(got the recipe on

the finished product

happy boy!!

putting it on a pretty plate with a cup of coffee makes it even yummier!!

So, moral of the story: it will help us on this journey if we just get a little adventuresome every now and then. That, and I keep reminding myself that there will still be pizza and cupcakes at the end of our 45 days. :) So, all you paleo people out there, please share your additional wisdom or advice with me!!


  1. and then if u ever run out of almond can grind almonds in a coffee grinder and it is the same thing. also if yall are craving choc ice cream, grind cashews...cocoa....dates....and ice/water and i promise it will taste so much like chocolate soft serve.

  2. also, we use the grade B maple syrup. i has more of the nutrients. but it should be ok! i want to see more of what yall are eating! i made a great soup last night with buffalo meat. should meet yalls requirements. let me know if yall get desperate.

  3. oh mindy! a girl after my own heart. this is right up my alley! it's tough, but i know you can do it! you should check out the book "healing with whole foods". it has lots of great whole food recipes. good luck!!! love you!

  4. Absolutely HILARIOUS! Stephen just got home from dropping the kids off in texarkana today with a fresh homemade loaf of Mrs. Cindy's bread and freshly baked cookies in his hands. TOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRTUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURE! Hop I don't accidentally sleep walk into the kitchen tonight. Wouldn't really be my fault, right? ha! WE NEED TO BE NEIGHBORS AND DO THIS TOGETHER!! BAD! BAD! BAD! You make me laugh and i'm so proud of you guys. :) WE LOVE YOU LITTLE PALEO BABES!

  5. SO proud of you Fee Fee!! John David's face looks so small in that picture..where did he go!?! I must say this time around is MUCH easier than the first time we did this for 30 days. I think part of that is that I'm not nursing this time around...I ate EVERYTHING in sight back then! Check out our website Just TODAY we got a new recipe section added for members to post their favorite recipes to! Wish you would be here for the Paleo Super Bowl party tomorrow! Sliders (from Jen's blog) topped with bacon, arugula, tomatoes, and/or guacamole, sweet potato fries, fruit salad, cassavas with guacamole and salsa, and I'm trying to get a paleo dessert recipe to top it off. WISH YOU WERE HERE!!! Love you so! xoxo!