Sunday, February 20, 2011

Papo and Cookie come to town!!!

Yippeeeeeeee!!!!! We LOVE and CHERISH any moment we get to spend with Papo and Cookie...two of my all-time favorite people on this earth. And they just happen to be my parents. I'm a blessed girl indeed. We've been so looking forward to them coming to visit! They were supposed to come a couple weekends ago, but with all the snow, weren't able to. Thankfully, we finally had a beautiful weekend to enjoy together! They were here Thursday through Saturday and we soaked up every moment with great conversation, eating yummy meals out, and of course, loving on Lyla! :)

tea party with Cookie

enjoying the pretty weather on our patio

We drove out to the Ranch to show Mom and Dad all of John David's hard work!

Then, we caught the end of the Razorback's opening season baseball game.
(my dad's old stompin' grounds!)

Lyla had the TIME of her life climbing stairs, dancing to the music, calling the hogs, and clapping every single time she heard the crowd cheering.

Thanks to Adam Rutledge, we were totally spoiled and got to sit in his box. Thanks Adam!!

We love you, Papo and Cookie!!! Thank you so so much for making the trip up!! We had such an incredible time and already can't wait until the next visit!!!

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  1. Um, what a beautiful family!!! :) Lyla is getting bigger every day and she is beyond adorable!! Hope you're doing well too!