Thursday, February 10, 2011


We set an all-time record low in Minnesota, I mean Fayetteville, this morning... -18 degrees! We absolutely could not believe our eyes when we woke up yesterday morning! We got over 20 inches of snow here!!! It's absolutely gorgeous! Huge flakes just poured out of the sky all day long!
Here's our flowerbed! Every bush is absolutely covered:
Our back porch:
Halfway up our mailbox:
Halfway up John David's legs:
"Bye John David! Have a nice day at work!"

Once again, Lyla and I have just enjoyed the view from the window.
And here is how we've spent our days at home:

playing with her toys

learning how to pull the bird paintings down during nap time


Continuing our Paleo journey

snuggling with Daddy

Kicked back on my chair while I watch Nick Jr.

Doing a little weight-lifting

Eating Lasagna at the Gumps

"All Done!"

Playing guitar with Daddy

Learning to share toys with Tallis and Sawyer

Giggling with Daddy

Brushing my teeth

coloring with chalk

Reading my Tickle Monster book

(She LOVES to wear these tickle monster gloves. And anytime we get into a tickle war, she runs into her room so that she can put them on! haha!)

Still loves trying to fit into small spaces. This is the book that holds the tickle monster book and the gloves.

making lots of messes. (this is why I try to keep the pantry door shut...oops)

Dinner at the Henrys and playtime with Sawyer

Watching the adorable videos of my cousin Annie

Riding Rody

Pulling out all my old toys for a little variety! :)

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  1. cute cute cute cute cute cute and more cute. i cannot believe that snow.