Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Party!

We went to our good friends, Kyle and Haley's house, for the Super Bowl last night. It was a little more like a mini daycare than an actual watching any football event. But, we had the greatest time!! We are SO thankful for such amazing friends!! And, Lyla seriously had the time of her life. She happily and busily played until about, worked up a sweat, she was playing so hard! She seriously loves her friends!! She must get that from her mommy and daddy. :)

Noah, Stella, Lyla, and Sawyer.
Noah clearly wanted nothing to do with the photo shoot.

Lyla and her 2 best friends :)

And, just for fun, let's do a little comparison...the above pic is Lyla and Stella snuggled on the couch at 2 months and 3 months old! Can you believe how much they've grown!?!?

She tried so hard to give Stella a kiss...just one continual "mmmmm" sound

And Stella just thought it was really funny!

Seriously, Stella, still waiting...

Ok, fine, I'll just kiss Sawyer!! He looks ready!
(I LOVE Stella's face in this pic!!)

Stella: "um, excuse me, Sawyer."

That's it...Stella's out of here.

Now for some giggles and snuggles with Uncle Richard and Aunt Kristen!

Because I know Aunt Kick will always sneak me some dessert!

Such a sweet little helper, cleaning up the big ole mess we made!!
Thanks Nicodemus'!! We had the BEST time!!!!

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